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Cooking with Cream Cheese: Sweet and Savoury Recipe Ideas

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Cooking with Cream Cheese: Sweet and Savoury Recipe Ideas
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Cooking with cream cheese couldn't be easier. It's the versatile ever ready dairy ingredient that happily lends itself to both sweet and savoury cooking.

From rich cream cheese frosting to light pasta sauces and dips it's a useful fresh kitchen ingredient to have stored in the fridge for when fuss free cooking calls.

Here are just some of the ways of cooking with cream cheese, from decadent dips to all time favourite carrot cake. Or, failing that, you could always enjoy it slathered onto fresh bagels!

Cream Cheese Dips

One of the easiest ways to cook with cream cheese is by whipping up a simple dip. Cream cheese makes a fitting vehicle for other more powerful ingredients like spice and vegetables.

Spinach and cream cheese dip

Simply blitz all the ingredients together in this recipe and you'll be treated to a fresh and zesty vegetarian dip.

Hot Crab dip with parmesan and Cream Cheese

This fresh crab dip packs a punch and will make the perfect impressive party appetizer. Find the recipe here.

Jalapeno Popper Dip

This family favourite will make your hamper list on all those big occasions like game day and picnics. Find the recipe here.

Cream Cheese Appetizers

Cream cheese works wonders with smoked fish, vegetables and pastry. Try weaving it into your appetizer repertoire for a quick and tasty solution.

Cream Cheese Quiche

This rustic quiche recipe is a great way to use up left overs and test your pastry making skill .Find the recipe here.

Cream cheese main courses

Cream Cheese Pizza

Try lightning pizza time up with this easy spreadable topping. Find the recipe here.

Herb and Cream Cheese Lasagne

Cream cheese lightens traditional lasagne between sheets of fresh pasta and zucchini slices in this summertime pasta dish. Find the recipe here.

Baking with Cream Cheese

Cream cheese is also just a home in baking, from deep and easy to work with toppings to being baked right into your cake.

Scones with Cream Cheese

Not all baking is sweet, try these scones with cream cheese and smoked salmon as the perfect finger food. Here's the recipe.

Pumpkin Cakes with Cream Cheese Frosting

Try theses mini cupcakes for a decadent wonderful way to use up your cream cheese. Find the recipe here.

Carrot Cake

Rich moist carrot cake topped off with a tangy cream cheese frosting is an iconic cafe favourite. Find the recipe here.

Carrot mug cake with cream cheese topping

Mug cakes are all over instagram these days, so if you want to jump in on the craze, here's the recipe, which also champions cream cheese!

Baked cheesecake with cherries

The ubiquitous cheesecake is the perfect haven for cream cheese. Find the recipe here.

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