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Cooking With Coffee: 5 Chefs Show You How

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Cooking With Coffee: 5 Chefs Show You How

Sure, coffee is part of most people's morning routine. But how many of us have ventured into the territory of cooking with coffee? When it comes to using java as a vehicle for flavor we took a cue from world class chefs who showed us how to do it just right.

Below you'll find chef-approved recipes with coffee and ideas for turning with beloved ingredient into something more than just a cup of joe. Take a look:

Coffee risotto with lemon, rabbit and burrata

Burrata, the mozzarella-like cheese with a creamy filling, is delicious on its own. So why not pair it with coffee? That was the thinking of chef Carmelo Sciarrabba, from the Castello di Casiglio hotel in Como, Italy.

His signature risotto is a dream: the rice is cooked with broth until creamy then comes a shot of espresso for flavor and color. To top it all off is a hearty serving of burrata, candied lemon peel and rabbit emincé (aka leftover rabbit). 

You can easily replicate the results using this risotto recipe as a base. Rabbit can be substituted with leftover chicken, turkey or roasted meat.

Cooking With Coffee: Jerusalem Artichoke, Java and Porcini

Finnish chef Sasu Laukkonen shows us cooking with coffee can be very fun. His creative recipe consists of a cream of Jerusalem artichokes served with dehydrated vegetable skins, all flavored with porcini. He prepared this dish during the launch of Food on the Edge 2016 in Copenhagen.

Here is the recipe.

Appetizer Recipe with Coffee: Radish on a Spoon

Milanese chef Davide Oldani offers a playful take on an appetizer. He blends ricotta cheese, radish and celery with a creamy Albert sauce - all topped with a dusting of coffee. It's a gourmet appetizer that would be perfect with bubbly.

Here is the recipe.

Chocolate, Caramel and Coffee Custard with Yogurt Biscuit 

Dessert recipes with coffee abound. But how many look this good? Enter famed chef Andrea Berton, who whipped up this dreamy concoction inspired by Nespresso ristretto. The chef combines chocolate, coffee, almond flour and extra virgin olive oil in a creative and tasty dessert worth every calorie.

Here is the recipe.

Turn Coffee into Warm Tiramisu

Tiramisu, the famed Italian dessert, is usually served cold. Not in this gourmet recipe from chef Matteo Torretta. He opts for serving tiramisu warm and in festive martini glasses. Just the thing to indulge in when you are craving a night cap.

Here is the recipe.

Top image: duck breast with coffee from chef Giancarlo Perbellini

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