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15 simple cooking tips and tricks to make you a better chef

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15 simple cooking tips and tricks to make you a better chef

The Thrillist has put together a great list of 15 Simple Cooking Tips they’ve been given by a group of instructors at The Culinary Institute of America.

It covers a whole mix of basic kitchen tricks and tips that, if followed, are sure to make you a better chef.

They range from a simple suggestion to make peeling garlic easier, to a more professional tip on having all your ingredients prepared before you start cooking. There’s also a nice observation on how both salt and acid are your best friends when cooking. 

Although many of the suggestion on the list are based on common sense there’s also a few pointers that many cooks often overlook. Here are some of our favorites:

Keep Your Knives Sharp

This may seem like an obvious task but you'll be surprised at how many cooks have dull knives.

Master One Dish

Even if you are not a great cook you can surely fake it if you master one dish. The trick is to practice until you reach perfection.

Layer The Ingredients

Different ingredients have different cooking times. For instance, carrots will take longer to cook than onions. Take the time to study the recipe well so you can add them accordingly and maximize flavor.

Clean as You Go

Do you always end up with a big mess after cooking? You can avoid this by cleaning up after yourself while you cook. Waiting for pasta to boil? Use that time to clear off the sink and wipe down counters.

See all 15 Simple Cooking Tips here.

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