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Cooking Scallops At Home - Gourmet Recipes

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Cooking Scallops At Home - Gourmet Recipes
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As delicious as they are at restaurants, cooking scallops at home can be challenging. How can you acheive gourmet results in your own kitchen? It's as simple as following the instructions in these gourmet recipes.

One of our favorite ways of cooking scallops involves searing them so they get a lovely golden crust while remaining moist and juicy inside. This recipe for scallops in a fresh tomato sauce illustrates how you can do it yourself.

This exclusive recipe for scallops with butternut squash caponata (pictured up top) comes to us courtesy of New York chef Michael White. When butternut squash isn't in season you may try substituting it for corn.

Cooking scallops with pork results in a truly heavenly combination. If that sounds good to you try this scallops and pancetta recipe from Italian chefs Italo Bassi and Riccardo Monco.

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