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WATCH: What Foods To Cook in the Dishwasher

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WATCH: What Foods To Cook in the Dishwasher
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Cooking in the dishwasher has been a rising trend for the last couple of years. There is even a book dedicated to dishwasher haute cuisine. But what exactly can you cook in this kitchen appliance?

Enter the ever curious guys at Sorted Food who have conducted an experiment hoping to see which foods do well when cooked in the dishwasher.

In total the team tested nine foods including pork chops, two types of fish, fresh eggs, couscous and veggies, sponge cake, sweet potatoes, asparagus and mulled wine. The foods were stored in a variety of ways: plastic storage bags, mason jars, plastic containers and even left uncovered.

The trick lies in cooking the food using the right dishwashing cycle. Take a look below to find out what foods are worth cooking in the dishwasher:

If you feel inspired to try it at home check out this easy recipe for dishwasher strawberry compote with crumbled meringues.

Also, don't miss this complete guide for cooking in the dishwasher.

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