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9 Essential Guides to Cooking Hacks

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9 Essential Guides to Cooking Hacks
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We love a good food hack here at FDL headquarters. Any excuse to get a kitchen job done more efficiently with the bonus of saving on time or money are always welcome.

While there are many tried and tested cooking hacks that have stood the test of time, like how to test for egg freshness, there are always some new or useful ones to add to your arsenal.

With that in mind we've collected 10 of our favourite guides to cooking hacks that cover everything from cleaning and cooking tips to how to make your fresh produce last longer and how to quickly cool down a bottle of wine.

Here they are, enjoy!

1. 50 Culinary Hacks

Where better place to start than with this comprehensive guide of 50 cooking hacks. Take a look at the ideas below, that range from how to remove the smell of garlic from your hands to how a carefully placed wooden spoon prevents a boiling pan of water from boiling over. See how many you already knew about.

2. 20 Kitchen Hacks You Should Know

Becoming really at home in the kitchen requires a little inside knowledge and some nifty techniques to get some of those tedious tasks done quicker. Here are a small selection of 20 useful ones, from how to shred chicken in a mixer and why you should be using white wine vinegar in your microwave.


3. 9 Essential Kitchen Hacks

If you've always thought there must be a better way of doing something, but didn't know exactly how, take a look at this guide of nine essentials and see if they make your life any easier.

4. 9 Essential Creative Food Hacks

Here are some nice cooking hacks that will improve your kitchen skills, from cooking meats, snacks and eggs, to getting more juice from your limes.

5. 10 Office Food Hacks

If you find yourself eating your sandwich hunched over your laptop here are 10 tips to make the experience a little more enjoyable, and turn that desktop lunch into the envy of the office.

6. 50+ Food Hacks

Extend the shelf life of your fresh food with these handy hacks and you'll still be enjoying fresh fruit and veg by the end of the week.

7. 14 Simple Wine Hacks

This infographic for wine lovers makes light of common wine drinker conundrums like red wine stains and how to get at your wine on a picnic when you've forgotten the corkscrew.

8. 8 Beer Hacks

And we didn't forget about you beer lovers. While 'marking' your beer might not go down so well with friends, there are plenty of other tips, including how to cool those beers down pronto.

9. How to Chop an Onion

Always wanted to master chopping your veg with precision? Here's a video hack that'll have you achieving just that – as long as you have a hair pick and a sharp knife you'll be able to achieve uniform chopping.


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