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What To Cook With Corn Meal

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What To Cook With Corn Meal

Have you ever had a package of corn meal sit in the pantry for months? Well, it's time to dust it off and start making these delicious corn recipes.

Corn meal is a winter staple in Northern Italy, where it is called polenta and used in a variety of dishes. This recipe for cream of corn soup with diced polenta is a great example of a classic American comfort food with an Italian touch.

Another Italian specialty you may want to try is farinata of chickpeas and corn flour with shrimp - a type of shrimp and grits, if you will.

Of course, if you are seeking a comforting side dish for a hearty dinner, why not make corn bread with red and green chilies?

For some Mexican flair you can also try making blue and yellow corn tortillas with guacamole. If you are still curious about corn, here are 26 things you didn't know about this vegetable.

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