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Cooking With Artichokes

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Cooking With Artichokes
Photo Magpie-Moon/Flickr

For those not familiar with them, artichokes can be one of the trickiest vegetables to handle. Luckily, these recipes demystify this vegetable and make it easy for anyone to enjoy.

This recipe for macaroni with clams and artichokes will transport you to the streets of Rome in just one bite. Another Italian dish you may like is monkfish with prosciutto and artichokes, which comes to us from famed British chef Theo Randall.

Chicken tagine with artichokes, olives and onions (pictured above) is a great dish with Moroccan flavors that will brighten up your day. 

Foodies with a passion for technology may also enjoy this succulent sous vide ragu made with lamb shoulder with braised artichokes from Italian chef Andrea Berton.

If you are interesting in sous vide cooking, here's a video to guide you through the process...

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