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Cookies and Milk Ice Cubes Are The Bomb

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Cookies and Milk Ice Cubes Are The Bomb

Cookies and milk. It’s a classic combo that doesn’t get any better. Or could it? Well, some genius mind has decided the ultimate way to consume cookies isn't to dunk them in milk. No, no, no. Instead, you can make cookies and milk ice cubes.

We’re talking filling up an ice tray with cookie pieces then topping them with milk. Stick it in the freezer and you’ve got mega delicious ice cubes that’ll jazz up iced coffee, milk or a glass of Bailey’s or any other drink. Seriously, why didn’t we think of this?!

In case you needed further instructions (or proof this is really delicious) check out this video:

How To Make Cookies and Milk Ice Cubes

via PureWow


Cookies and milk are great but if you are looking for a more adult treat swap the white stuff for wine. Yes, wine! Here's an awesome guide that helps you pair all sorts of cookies with wine. Love Girl Scout cookies? Also check out this infographic that pairs Girl Scout cookies and your favorite vino.

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