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12 Guides to Cookery Terms and Pronounciation

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12 Guides to Cookery Terms and Pronounciation
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Deciphering menus, cookery terms and techniques, let alone saying them correctly, can be a tricky business for the uninitiated.

That's why we've decided to take the heat out of the kitchen by collating these 12 user friendly guides and glossaries to kitchen terminology and pronunciation.

So next time you're confronted with a tricky menu, food word or recipe instruction you’ll be able to tell your chateaubriand from your Châteauneuf-du-Pape, your espresso from your expresso and how to chiffonade a choufleur. 

Welcome to the wonderful world of colourful cookery terms and pronounciation.

1) 90 Food Terms Explained

If you've ever been confronted by a menu littered with words and phrases that made no sense to you,  you're not alone, just boff up on this food glossary and ultimate cheat sheet and you'll never have to feel dumb again.

2) Cooking Terms Explained

Stepping into a kitchen requires learning an extensive vocabulary of words to accurately describe cooking techniques and methods. This handy guide clearly lays out some of the nuances in kitchen terminology including cuts, measurements and techniques.

3) The Kitchen Family Tree Defined

Learning the various roles and responsibilites in a professional kitchen can be confusing. This nice infographic helps us out with a simple kitchen family tree, starting with the executive chef at the top down to the commis chef.

4) Farmer's Market Glossary

Navigating your way amongst the ethical and green credentials of produce at a farmer's market can get confusing. De-mystify some of the common terms with this cheat sheet and make sense of 'heirloom' carrots and 'transitional' farming practices.

5) How to Pronounce Mediterranean Food Words

Do you know how to say a few commonly found Mediterranean ingredients and dishes including za’atar, ouzo, tzatziki and taramasalata? Take a look at this video and see if you're up to speed.

6) How to pronounce French food words correctly

Let's face it, learning to pronounce a few French food words with finesse is always going to be impressive.  Learn how to say Côtes du Rhône, beef bourguignon, mille-feuille and more in this video from Zagat.

7) How to pronounce German words correctly

Looking to order off the menu in Germany? Make sure you learn how to pronounce your sachertorte, schlag and Spaetzle correctly in this handy video.

8) How to Pronounce Asian food words correctly

Nigiri, Tsukune, Kara Age, Pho and Xiao Long Bao are just a few favourite Asian dishes. But are you saying them correctly when you order? Take a look at the video and find out.

9) How to say Healthy Food Words correctly

See how by-passers in New York came unstuck pronouncing three health food fads, quinoa, acai and haricots verts. Did you have it right?

10) 18 Cheeses You're Probably Saying Wrong

This video from FoodBeast looks at 18 different kinds of cheeses people commonly mis-pronounce. If you're unsure about how to say Ossau-Iraty on toast take a look.

11) Baking Terms Explained

Baking recipes always call for very specific techniques. Find out 8 commonly used terms here.

12) 13 Food Words and Exactly How to Say them

How do you say foie gras?  is it fwoy grah or fwah grah? Not sure, find out this and more in the handy guide from Chris Ritter on BuzzFeedwhere the phoenetic pronounciation is given along with each food item. Click here to see the full list.

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