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Girl Orders Cooked Sushi at World's Best Sushi Restaurant

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Girl Orders Cooked Sushi at World's Best Sushi Restaurant

The internet has bitten back in usual fashion after a Chinese girl visited one of the world’s best sushi restaurants and asked for the sushi to be cooked. The girl, who has felt the full wrath of the web, had a booking at Sukiyabashi Jiro - the restaurant featured in the hugely popular documentary Jiro Dream of Sushi. It's owned by the famous sushi master Jiro Ono, has three Michelin stars and is widely accepted as being one of the best places in the world to eat sushi.

With just 10 seats it’s also one of the toughest reservations in the world with guests booking months in advance. Apparently, the girl, who was a Chinese student studying in Japan, had a booking for a group of friends but started the evening on a bad note when they arrived 40 minutes late without phoning ahead.

Two of the friends, unhappy with the rather obvious offering of sushi in a sushi restaurant, headed out to find food elsewhere while tasting menus were left uneaten. It’s at this point the girl in question apparently asked Jiro if the sushi could be cooked and bagged up for them to eat later - not a great move.

The sushi master asked: “Is sushi served cooked in your country? If you can’t handle raw food, you should have informed us when you made the reservation!” Her reply? “Who knew? I didn’t make the reservation.”

The entire account was posted by the girl on on the Chinese social networking site Weibo, along the lines of, “if we were Obama! Would he dare to show such an attitude?” Her question was quickly answered but not with the support she may have expected, instead the internet lambasting her for her poor show, some going as far as to call her a “national disgrace”. The original post was eventually removed by the girl who said: “the whole world is scolding me”. It’s reported she also returned to the restaurant to apologise for her and her guests behaviour.

Jiro has said she’s welcome back if she ever develops a taste of sushi, the raw kind. For those wondering how it should be done, here's a video of a sushi chef showing you how to eat sushi correctly. 

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