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6 Condiments To Perk Up Your Sunday Brunch

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6 Condiments To Perk Up Your Sunday Brunch

Looking for an easy way to spruce up your Sunday brunch? There's no need to go all out and prepare fancy dishes or gourmet cakes. All you need are a handful of great condiments to really take things to the next level. These yummy condiments pack a punch and would be great on virtually anything - from toast and cheese to eggs and meats. Go ahead and try them won't regret it.

Orange Marmalade (pictured above)

This fresh marmalade isn't just great for toast, it also makes a mean glaze for a roast.

Chili Jam

If you like Sriracha you'll love this sweet and spicy jam - perfect for biscuits, sandwiches and eggs.

Blueberry-Cherry Jam

Go ahead and add a dollop of this delicious jam to Greek yogurt for an extra special treat.

Plum and Walnut Jam

Nuts add a nice crunch to this pleasantly sweet jam that's the perfect condiment for a cheese platter.

Italian Pesto

Make a killer frittata by adding a spoonful of this pesto to the egg batter. This is also a great condiment for meats.

Plum Chutney

Ginger, onions and cayenne pepper add a spicy kick to this irresistible plum chutney.

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