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Kitchain: The Communal Dining Table

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Kitchain: The Communal Dining Table
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The world's first modular and transportable kitchen has been developed. Called the Kitchain the product is made by Benedetta Maxia and António Louro and was originally created for the Belluard Bollwerk festival in 2011.

The table is being pitched as 'a modular kitchen system for communal meals' and is created from a number of different units being linked together, similar to camping apparatus. Cookers, bars, mini-markets and a cleaning stations can all be linked together with dining tables, creating a sort of transformer style kitchen.

Although it's not for sale, yet, the table can be booked for events. The Kitchain crew will bring their design to venues, set it up and allow people to bring, buy and cook their own food that is shared with everyone.

A novel idea intended to promote the idea of communal dining as something we should all partake in. An ideal that FDL fully endorse.


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