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Not Only Ice Cream: the 'Family' of Cold Desserts

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Not Only Ice Cream: the 'Family' of Cold Desserts
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Ice cream, sorbet, granita: there is a cold recipe for every taste...

Ice Cream: this has a creamy consistency, is made with milk or cream, sugar and other ingredients like egg and fresh or dried fruit. Its consistency is a result of the presence of tiny bubbles of air which form during its production.

Hand-made ice cream: soft but full-bodied, this is made with fresh or semi-processed ingredients. Tiny bubbles of air make up 30 to 40 per cent of its volume.

Commercially produced ice cream: this has a soft and smooth texture, as it contains up to 130 per cent air bubbles. The so-called soft ices, of American origin, are very light, as they are made to order using a special machine which expands the ingredients using air.

Sorbet: this is a kind of ice cream made with water, sugar, fruit, infusions or alcoholic spirits. It contains no milk. It is often served between courses.

Granita: these are based on fruit (or infusions) blended with water and sugar, which are then frozen and crushed. Sicilian coffee, citrus and almond granitas are very famous.

Ice lollies: simple preparations of water and syrup frozen onto a stick.

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