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Coffee Tasting: Espresso, Moka or Turkish?

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Coffee Tasting: Espresso, Moka or Turkish?

Coffee is enjoyed all around the world, but the ways to prepare it are myriad: which one is your favourite?

Espresso. Concentrated, intense, and covered with a thin layer of “cream”, this is the coffee you’ll find in any Italian café or bar. It’s made with machines that spray water with high-pressure onto the blend.

Filter. Is typically enjoyed in Nordic countries and America. It’s medium-ground coffee that is put into a paper filter and then boiling water is poured over it. The drink slowly drips over the ceramic or glass recipient.

Moka. Is the at-home way of making coffee in Italy. The stove-top coffee maker, called Moka, is made from a lower container for the water, a filter for the ground coffee and an upper part into which the coffee rises.

Turkish. It’s a thick, sweet drink: to the finely-ground coffee, sugar and sometimes cinnamon or cardamom is added. Then it’s brought to boil and left to cool three times. Before drinking, the coffee needs to settle on the bottom.

Aeropress. It’s the latest generation: coffee and water get placed in a piston (in the picture), like a needless syringe and after infusion the drink gets “shot” into the cup.

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