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Coffee Styles Explained - Stop Ordering Your Coffee Wrong

By FDL on

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Coffee Styles Explained - Stop Ordering Your Coffee Wrong

The amount of different coffee styles you can order starting with a simple shot of espresso is quite impressive but how many of us actually know the difference between a Gibraltar and a flat white?

This video from Zagat heads out to the streets of America and asks regular coffee drinkers if they can identify different coffee styles that all begin with a shot of espresso.

Macchiato, Flat White, Americano and Gibraltar are the varieties explained with people first proving just how confused we are when it comes to different coffee styles before Etienne Wiik, owner of Ground Central, explains just how each one should be made, said and ordered. 

We all have our favourite style of coffee to help us rise in the morning - this video just let’s you know if you’ve been ordering it wrong all along. And here's a bonus of 23 coffee styles explained in an infographic. 

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