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5 Coffee Shop Etiquette Rules You Need To Follow

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5 Coffee Shop Etiquette Rules You Need To Follow

Thanks to great coffee and free wi-fi coffee shops are becoming workspaces for many people. While there are some unspoken rules for working in public spaces not everyone cares to follow them. Thus, the great folks at Zagat took it upon themselves to ask coffee-loving New Yorkers and baristas about coffee shop etiquette.

Number one on the list? You guessed it! Don’t order while talking on your cell phone. Aside from being rude to the barista and other customers this bad habit might not allow you to hear when your order is called. Also, does everyone at the coffee shop need to hear about your BFF's breakup?

What about looking for electric outlets behind the counter? Or setting up shop for the day and not ordering food? Yes, there are etiquette rules for that too! Watch the video below to see the coffee shop etiquette that you should follow. You’ll want to share this one with friends too. Take a look:

What coffee shop habits do you find annoying? Share in the comments below or on Facebook.


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