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The History of Coffee - Infographic

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The History of Coffee - Infographic

You may look at all the new hipster brew shops, roasters and funky modern coffee shops opening in your city and think it’s a new phenomenon, however, a quick flick through the history books and you’ll quickly realise that coffee dates back at least 600 years.

This infographic from Foody Direct takes a closer look at the mighty rise of coffee, from the early beginnings of the bean in Yemen to some of the new, modern ways in which we now enjoy the brew.

There’s a whole section on the different tools we have used to brew our coffees throughout history, from the Vaccum brewer to the Percolator, the French Press to the Moka Pot.

There’s also some great stuff on types of coffee, with a breakdown on the styles of drinks we all consume, some numbers on coffee facts and a fun section about ‘Coffee Today’.

We've also got these great coffee based recipes for you to try at home. 



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