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7 Beautiful Citrus & Lemon Desserts

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7 Beautiful Citrus & Lemon Desserts

Usher in the summer with these delicious citrus and lemon desserts. These refreshing treats are perfect for cookouts, birthday parties or whenever you have the gang over for a relaxing evening at home. If it's a potluck dinner, you could divide these citrusy dessert recipes among your friends so you'll be able to sample them all. We promise you won't be able to resist our delectable lemon bar or exotic mango and lime mousse. Without further ado, here are the recipes:

Mango and Lime Mousse

You'd be hard pressed to find a delicate dessert that is as refreshing as this Mexican mango and lime mousse (pictured above). Every part of the lime is used in preparing this zesty dessert that's perfect for a Tex-Mex themed summer soiree. 

Blood Orange and Prosecco Jelly

Here's a great citrus dessert that's for adults only! This blood orange and prosecco jelly doubles as a jellyfied mimosa you can serve at your next weekend brunch.

Orange Tartlets

Who says chocolate and citrus aren't a good pairing? A flaky crust, white chocolate mousse and orange segments are the building blocks of these divine citrus tartlets. These sweets are the perfect finger food for outdoor entertaining.

Lemon Bars

If you haven't settled on a Father's Day dessert yet, try making these bright and sunny lemon bars for dad. This exquisite lemon dessert gets an extra pinch of goodness from saffron. 

Lemon Sorbet

With just a handful of ingredients you'll be able to whip up this heavenly lemon sorbet. After squeezing the lemons for juice, clean out the cavity and use them to serve your refreshing sorbet. 

Lemon Meringue Roulade

Kick things up a notch with this exquisite lemon meringue roulade. It's a delicate dessert with a fragrant lemon filling and a meringue made with caster sugar.

Lemon Delight

Limoncello is a quintessential Italian summer liquor that gives this beautiful dessert a dash of boozy goodness. This frozen lemon delight features sponge cake, lemon cream and lemon custard. 

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