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Sweet Treats with Cinnamon

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Sweet Treats with Cinnamon
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When it comes to dessert ingredients the spice rack might not be your automatic choice, but it’s one that definitely deserves further exploration in these cinnamon recipes.

Spices can work extremely well in desserts balancing out sweetness and richness, especially when it comes to the irresistible mellow earthy notes that cinnamon imparts.

A humble yet versatile ingredient Cinnamon works in recipes that are as diverse as interesting, ranging from sweet to savoury.

In cooking, the sweet warmth of Cinnamon is perfectly suited to fall. Complementing apples, pumpkin, mulled wine and baked goods as well as sticks of cinnamon being excellent festive food decoration.

Whether used in powder form in baking or as sticks to gently infuse flavours into warm drinks, cinnamon imparts delicious depths and an instant Christmassy feel.

Try getting cinnamon back in your life this fall with these cinnamon recipes. You might just be onto something.


Perfect cupcakes for autumn. The cinnamon, walnut and apple cup cake sponge is topped off with crisp apple slices and citrus cream cheese with a final liberal dusting of cinnamon.


Cinnamon sticks are infused in milk, brandy, sugar and eggs to ceate one of the most famous christmassy drinks.

Cinnamon Stars

Egg whites are beaten with ground almonds, sugar and cinnamon before being rolled out and cut into star shapes. A delicate sweet treat perfect for thanksgiving and chirstmas.

Get on the spice trail and find out more in the fascinating world of spices.

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