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8 Must-Try Cinnamon Cocktails

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8 Must-Try Cinnamon Cocktails

It seems cinnamon pops up everywhere in the winter. Nowhere is it more delicious than in these festive cocktails with fun names like cinnamargarita, the bee's kiss and ginger royale. Feeling tempted to take a sip?

Learn how to make these cinnamon-laced cocktails by following the instructions in this visual guide from Real SimpleThe base for all of them is a simple syrup made with sugar, water and cinnamon sticks. It takes no time to make and adds incredible depth of flavor to drinks. An added bonus? Your home will smell heavenly when you prepare it.

Aside from making these cinnamon cocktails, you'll find countless uses for this spicy syrup. You can drizzle a bit over pancakes, slices of pound cake or stir it into hot beverages like tea or coffee. Go on, get the recipes below and start enjoying more flavorful cocktails and drinks now.



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