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Cinco De Mayo Tequila Shots (Infographic)

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Cinco De Mayo Tequila Shots (Infographic)
Photo The Roosevelts

Margaritas, Mexican beer and tequila shots are the most popular drinks for Cinco de Mayo. Did you think we were going to let you party without a drink guide?

Luckily, we came across this nifty info graphic that illustrates the most popular tequila shots for Cinco de Mayo. It's all color coded to make things even easier for you.

You'll find shots like Apocalypse Now, which contains Bailey's and vermouth, and Firecracker, which is glittery thanks to a pour of Goldshlager.

If you haven't mastered how to make the perfect margarita yet,  this other infographic will show you all the steps. Happy Cinco de Mayo! Salud!

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