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15 Gourmet Food Ideas For Your Christmas Party

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15 Gourmet Food Ideas For Your Christmas Party

Looking for fabulous Christmas party food ideas? Make your guests feel like royalty by preparing a grand spread fit for a king.  

They'll have a hard time choosing between stuffed mushrooms, French paté, Greek meatballs and mini quiche...that's not to mention the decadent sweet treats we recommend for the occasion.

Your best bet is to serve these Christmas party foods buffet style and let guests help themselves. Be sure to have plenty of napkins on hand! 

15 Gourmet Christmas Party Food Ideas


You'll need something to help you wash down all that Christmas party food.

Prepare a big pitcher (or two) of this cinnamon-laced apple cider punch spiked with rum.


Dress up classic eggnog with a few fresh berries and a sprinkle of cinnamon.

Try this easy recipe everyone will love.


Button mushrooms are stuffed with bacon, anchovy and herbs before being baked to perfection.

It's an easy appetizer that takes no time to make.


Sautéed shallots and a splash of cognac make this legumes and goose liver paté an exquisite addition to any holiday gathering.

Slather it on slices of crusty bread or crackers and accompany with your finest wine.


It's always a good idea to have Christmas party food vegetarians can enjoy.

A buttery crust and cheesy filling with chives, peas and tomatoes guarantee these mini quiches will be a big hit.

Christmas Pierogies

These mouthwatering pierogies are filled with bacon, sauerkraut and mushrooms - just the thing to warm your spirit on Christmas.

Here is the must-try recipe.


Hands down, this is the most popular appetizer recipe at Fine Dining Lovers.

Why? Because it's incredibly easy to make, the mussels taste amazing and the Parmesan topping is to die for.

Roasted Pork Loin Crostini

Roasted pork loin is sliced thinly and layered with homemade mayonnaise, cranberry jelly and gorgonzola cheese.

Here is the irresistible recipe.


Tender lamb meatballs are simmered in a garlicky tomato sauce with olives.

Keep them warm in a slow cooker and serve them with toothpicks on the side.

Brussels Sprouts with Chestnuts

Makes Brussels sprouts taste even more delicious by pairing them with chestnuts and a tasty white balsamic sauce.

Get the recipe now.

English Christmas Pudding

Few desserts are as stunning as this spiced Christmas pudding topped with cherries steeped in red wine.

Get the recipe now.


As if being made with three different types of chocolate wasn't enough to win you over, this Christmas staple is filled with a luxurious chestnut and brandy cream

Serve thin slices on decorative plates or small cups to make it more finger-food friendly.


These fragrant Italian fruit cakes are infused with cognac and make wonderful parting presents for your guests.

Just wrap them in cellophane and a gorgeous bow.

Christmas Cupcakes

They make look angelic but don't be fooled by these adorable cupcakes.

They are made with chocolate and rum and topped with a luscious white chocolate icing. Yum!

Christmas Fruit Trifle

If you don't want to bother baking then whip up this elegant Christmas fruit trifle.

The peaches, berries and pineapple are topped with creamy custard and crowned with Persian fairy floss and edible silver leaf.

Learn how to make this festive dessert.

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