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10 Chistmas Dishes from Around the World - Video

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10 Chistmas Dishes from Around the World - Video
Photo Screenshot/ Anglophenia

Christmas can mean many different things to many different people but the one commonality among many cultures across the globe is food, and sitting down to that iconic Christmas lunch.

Brit, Kate, at Anglophenia takes us on a tour of the Chrismas menu in ten different countries around the world in this informative video and shows us that while the Brits are munching on turkey, other nations, from Italy to Iceland, have different ideas.

In much of Europe, the main meal is held on December 24, and there’s not a slice of turkey to be seen. But what about mixing things up with some roasted reindeer, 13 desserts from France a BBQ down under or a bucket of KFC in the land of the rising sun.

Take a look at this video and get a feel for Christmas around the world and see just what other families are tucking into for Christmas lunch.

Merry Christmas!

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