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9 Christmas Chocolate Recipes

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9 Christmas Chocolate Recipes
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Christmas time is a great excuse to bake sweet treats, and even better, with chocolate. After all, who doesn't love chocolate?

Truffles, souffle, soft chocolate cake and more are perfect for an afternoon treat or special dessert over the holiday season.

Have a look at our assortment of decadent Christmas chocolate recipes to help make your holiday all that more special. 

'Cotillon Chocolate' French Chocolate Cake

If you're up for a chocolatey challenge try this elaborate Christmas dessert, the French Cotillon. It's no secret it's regarded as the queen of all chocolate cakes, mixing together many types of chocolate Click here for the recipe.

Christmas Chocolate Yule Log

Indulge in the iconic chocolate yule log this christmas. Find the recipe here.

Marx Chocolate ''Bark''

How to make a delicious chocolate bark, with a mouth watering dessert recipe by Heather Scholten, author of Farmgirl Gourmet food blog Click here for the recipe.

Christmas Spice Cake with Chocolate Topping

This easy tray bake captures all the Christmassy flavours with a spicy gingerbread sponge topped off with a layer of dark chocolate. Find the recipe here.

Chocolate Truffles with Star Anise

These chocolate truffles make great petits fours to serve with coffee as a final choclatey hit after your decadent feast.

Black Forest Chocolate Cupcake

A decadent black forest cake adds colour and a dramatic centre piece to any festive table. 

Soft Chocolate Cake

Who can resist a soft gooey chocolate cake? This is a great recipe that comes with lashings of marscapone cream. Here's the recipe.

Organic Chocolate Souffles with Pears

This is a great dinner party dessert. Served in individual ramekins, a poached pair nestles inside a decadent dark chocolate souffle. Find the recipe here.

Vegan Cake with Tofu, Chocolate and Strawberries

Vegan's needn't miss out either with this delicious strawberry and tofu cake. Find the recipe here.

More: Looking for more Christmas recipes? Check out our entire collection of Christmas dishes.

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