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Homemade Natural Sweets - Perfect Christmas Candy Recipes

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Homemade Natural Sweets - Perfect Christmas Candy Recipes

As much as we know they’re bad for us, it’s still hard to resist the temptation to grab just one more candy from the packet. At Christmas, with bowls of sweets about the house, it can be even harder to avoid this sugary driven urge.

With this in mind we looked to our friends at for their Chewy Candy series - a collection of guides that will teach you some perfect Christmas candy recipes - minus the crazy e-numbers, additives and colourings found in many commercial candies.

From your own starburst style sweets, to homemade liquorice, Pâte de Fruit and even wine gums. This is an ultimate candy collection of recipes with extensive info given for each one.

Homemade Liquorice - makes 21 pieces and takes around 90 minutes. The team have also created some recipes for flavoured liquorice such as one with cherry and one with ginger.

Wine Gums - this recipe will make around 100 pieces of candy but takes around 6 hours from start to completion. Best thing here is the use of actual wine not some artificial flavouring pretending to be the real thing.

Starburst Style Candy - another recipe that yields about 100 candies but be ready for a 48 hour resting period - albeit optional. This recipe also teaches a nice pastry technique for pulling the candy layers to create wonderful colourful patterns. Colouring is also optional if you’re aiming for the all natural look.

Pâte de Fruit - this will make you around 60 different cubes and should only take you around 2 hours to make. It’s a super simple recipe with no really hard techniques. The finished sweets also have the look of high end restaurant petit four.

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