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Christmas Candy Canes: 10 Creative Ways to Use This Holiday Candy

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Christmas Candy Canes: 10 Creative Ways to Use This Holiday Candy

Christmas is synonymous with candy canes. What are you planning to do with all your leftover holiday candy this season?

We'd like to share these 10 creative ways to use Christmas candy canes in everything from hot beverages and cupcakes to beautiful festive decorations that will make your home cozier this winter. 

You'll have a hard time picking just one DIY project so why not try them all. It's time to put your Christmas candy canes to good use!

Christmas Candy Canes Idea no.1: Garnish for Baked Goods

Crushed candy canes make wonderful garnish for cakes and cupcakes, especially when the icing is of a contrasting color. Mini candy canes are great too.  

Crushed candy canes make wonderful garnish for cakes and cupcakes, especially when the icing is of a contrasting color. Mini candy canes are great too.

Christmas Candy Canes Idea No.2: Awesome Stirrers

Add a festive touch to your wintertime beverages by using candy canes as stirrers. This Christmas candy will add a nice pop of flavor to herbal teas, hot chocolate and even coffee. Just don't forget to unwrap them before using!


The countdown begins 🎄🗓 #candycanehotchocolate #Christmas #cafe #winter #tistheseason

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Christmas Candy Canes Idea No.3: Make Peppermint Bark

Peppermint bark, another favorite Christmas time dessert, is made even more beautiful and delicious with the addition of crushed candy canes. Give the video a watch to learn this easy recipe from Get in My Belly.

Christmas Candy Canes Idea No.4: Create A Vase 

A nifty way to use Christmas candy canes is attach them to a can or jar and place flowers inside. Watch the video to learn how to make the ultimate candy cane vase.

Christmas Candy Canes Idea No.5: Tree Decorations

The curved shape of candy canes makes these an ideal Christmas tree decoration. The best part? You can eat them once the holiday is over.


We put up our big sparkly tree last night and added this snowy peppermint beauty to the house as well! ❄️

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Christmas Candy Canes Idea No.6: Gift Decor

Planning on bringing your hostess a Christmas gift? Wrap it in ribbon and add a single piece of candy cane as a decorative touch. 

Christmas Candy Canes Idea No.7: Stunning Centerpieces

Filling a large glass jar or vase with candy canes is an easy and low-cost way of creating beautiful table centerpieces. You can combine them with flowers, greenery or even candles for a festive look. Using different sized candy canes is a nice way to add variety.

Christmas Candy Canes Idea No.8: Make a wreath

image via Trendy and Wild

You can create a pretty wreath for your front door by simply gluing candy canes together and tying them with a ribbon. Learn how to make this holiday wreath.

Christmas Candy Canes Idea No.9: Napkin Holders

image A Spoonful of Sugar Designs

For a lovely holiday table setting wrap cloth napkins in candy canes and ribbon. Your table will look that much sweeter.

Christmas Candy Canes Idea No.10: Fun Card Holders

image via Industrious Justice

Another fun idea is to glue a few Christmas candy canes together for an edible card holder to indicate seating arrangements or label dishes. Click here to learn how to make them.

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