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4 Delightful Christmas Cakes

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4 Delightful Christmas Cakes
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This Christmas treat your family and friends to decadent desserts made with love. These festive Christmas cakes will bring smiles to your holiday table as guests ooh and aah over your tempting homemade sweets.  Whether you are up for baking an elaborate cake or fun cupcakes, you'll love every single one of these delightful Christmas cakes. Be sure to keep the recipes around for next year. Enjoy!

Green Christmas Pineapple Cake (pictured above)

This fresh pineapple cake with a marzipan topping and shortbread crust is a colorful homage to Christmas.

'Cotillon' French Christmas Cake

An exquisite chocolate concoction coated in luscious ganache that is known as "the queen of chocolate cakes."

Fairy Christmas Cakes

Buttery Christmas cupcakes made with pecans, cornflour and topped with glazed orange slices.

Christmas Cupcakes

Can anything be tastier than biting into a fun Santa-themed cupcake? This is a fun recipe sure to please.



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