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Oysters Tips: How to Choose and Prepare Oysters

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Oysters Tips: How to Choose and Prepare Oysters

Rules and suggestions for succulent oyster enjoyment.

Eat oysters from September to April
Even if oysters are commercially available all year-round, the old French saying «ne pas manger les huîtres dans les mois en R» still holds true. Summer is spawning time and their flesh becomes unpleasantly soft and milky, and is not as sweet.

Choose oysters that feel heavy in the hand, full of water with shells that are shut tight
Live oysters are tightly clamped shut, or clamp shut when tapped - a good sign that there's a fresh, juicy oyster inside.

Oysters absolutely must shiver when you put the lemon on

When shucking oysters, retain the wonderful juice known as liquor
The liquor should be clear, not cloudy, and should not have any sour or unpleasant odor.

Arrange oysters chilled on a bed of ice and serve raw, just as they are
A fresh oyster's incomparable silky-firm texture and mineral sweetness are best savored unadorned—or at the very most, with a squeeze of lemon, or a French-style shallot vinegar. Rye bread and Breton salty butter will deliciously complete this raw eating experience.

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