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How To Make Chocolate Stout Cake

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How To Make Chocolate Stout Cake
Photo Alexandra Rust/Flickr

Chocolate stout cake is one of those recipes that is popular come St. Patrick's Day but chocoholics know that this dessert can and should be enjoyed year round. This cake is so good it doesn't even need frosting, however, a homemade icing will take it over the top. 

Wondering how to prepare it? Let's discover how to make your very own chocolate stout cake!

What is chocolate stout cake?

The name refers to a type of chocolate cake made with stout beer

Stout beer is dark in color and has notes of chocolate which makes it an ideal for baking, especially in recipes that call for chocolate. Guinness beer, which hails from Ireland, is a popular stout beer.

Chocolate Stout Cake Recipe

A brown butter cream cheese frosting makes this classic chocolate stout cake recipe sing! It's easy to prepare and yields a moist chocolatey cake that no one will be able to resist.

Vedika from Hot Chocolate Hits offers her special recipe in the video below. Give it a watch and get the full recipe here.

Chocolate Stout Bundt Cake Recipe

image via The Hungry Housewife

If bundt cakes are your thing you'll love this version topped with a salted caramel glaze. An utterly decandent treat that will dazzle your tastebuds.

Get this chocolate stout cake recipe here.

Dark Chocolate Stout Cake

Most chocolate stout cake recipes call for cacao powder (or cocoa powder), which is considered a type of dark chocolate. In theory, all the recipes listed here yield a dark chocolate stout cake.

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