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Michelin Starred Chefs Cook Chocolate in Many Ways

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Michelin Starred Chefs Cook Chocolate in Many Ways

There’s nothing better than watching great chefs cook dishes in their own kitchen and recently we’ve been looking at how some of the world’s best chefs cook with certain ingredients.

We’ve covered egg and also potato and for the latest episode we’ve decided to take a closer look at chocolate and how Michelin chefs around the world approach the ingredient.

From the classic chocolate sauce to wonderfully creative desserts and age-old production techniques, sit back as we step into the chocolate covered world of Blanc, Ducasse, Blumenthal and Achatz.

First up, here’s a rather young looking Heston Blumenthal offering up an interesting take on mouse with a recipe that was created by Herve This.

There’s not many chefs more serious than Alain Ducasse when it comes to the true pursuits of flavour and watching the team at his Parisian chocolate workshop, select, roast and prepare his chocolate is a joy.

Then there’s another Fecnh master with Raymond Blanc as he shows off his cafe creme dessert - a full cup sculpted from chocolate.

We couldn’t mention chocolate without bringing you this video from ChefSteps for molten chocolate soufflé - one of the best we’ve ever made.

Let’s never forget this incredible chocolate dessert plating by the Grant Achatz and the team at Alinea in Chicago.

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