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A Chocolate Oasis In Grenada

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A Chocolate Oasis In Grenada
Photo Reserve Channel

We are warning you right now: when you watch the video below you may feel and uncontrollable urge to drop whatever you are doing and head to the Caribbean to become a cacao farmer.

This delectable episode from Ex-Pats, a show on YouTube's Reserve Channel is aimed directly at foodies. Host Savannah Buffet (singer Jimmy Buffet's daughter) travels to the island of Grenada where she interviews David ''Mott'' Green, an ex-pat turned real life Willy Wonka.

Mott, who dropped out of the University of Pennsylvania and later moved to a bamboo hut in the Caribbean, has spurred Grenada's local enconomy by making gourmet chocolate from cacao beans on the island. His factory is called The Grenada Chocolate Company and exports chocolate around the world, including Whole Foods.

Making the chocolate is a long process that includes carrying cacao pods across a river by foot and wrapping the chocolate bars by hand. Watch the full episode below and prepared to be amazed:

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