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Craving Chocolate For Breakfast? Eat This!

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Craving Chocolate For Breakfast? Eat This!

Die hards chocoholics don't need an excuse to eat chocolate for breakfast, but in case you are feeling a little guilty you'll find solace in knowing science is on your side.

There have been many studies on the benefits of eating chocolate, but this one from Syracuse University focused on what happens when you eat dark chocolate for breakfast. Researchers found that chocolate can help boost brain power and your health.

The news gets even better: in a separate study, researchers concluded that chocolate is better than coffee for warding off that afternoon slump.

So now you'll know just what to say when someone asks, "are you really going to eat chocolate for breakfast?"

Chocolate for Breakfast: 5 Yummy Ideas

There are countless ways to enjoy chocolate for breakfast (chocolate waffles, anyone?), but here are some fun ideas you may not have thought of:

Chocolate Mousse

Wake up to a creamy chocolate mousse with a hint of vanilla. Whipped cream is optional but accompanying it with coffee is a must.

Here is the tempting recipe which also happens to be vegan.

Fruit Skewers with Chocolate

This is what you eat when you are craving chocolate for breakfast, but don't want to over indulge: colourful fruit skewers with a dark chocolate dipping sauce.

The best part? It can all be prepped the night before.

Find the recipe here.

Chocolate Doughnuts

Doughnuts and coffee were just meant to be together. Throw chocolate into the mix and you've got a killer breakfast.

These vegan chocolate doughnuts are baked with coconut flour, dark chocolate and a hint of cayenne.

Here's the must-try recipe.

Gluten-Free Chocolate Cake

Dense, fudgy and irresistible. This chocolate cake is all that and more. Plus: it happens to be gluten-free. Score!

Learn how to make it.

Chocolate Panforte

Panforte is an Italian specialty that blends dark chocolate, dried fruits, honey and nuts into a tasty cake.

Here's how to make it at home.

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