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Steamed Chinese Dumpling Recipe

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Steamed Chinese Dumpling Recipe

If you've ever sampled a fresh Chinese dumpling recipe then you'll know just how much better it tastes than the usual frozen dumplings served at many restaurants.

They're creamy, soft, light and pack a such a strong flavor once pierced that it's hard to ever imagine eating a frozen one again.

However great they taste, most people will never attempt to make fresh Chinese dumpling recipe at home in fear the task is just too difficult.

That's why we want to highlight this perfect walkthrough for Chinese dumplings by Thirsty for Tea that offers up a simple to follow recipe on how to make your own dumplings at home.

This Chinese dumpling recipe comes with a shrimp filling but that can be changed depending on preference. The tricky part is mastering the wrapping of the dumplings.

Enjoy this Best of the Blogs.

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