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The $3,000 Golden Olympic Cocktail

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The $3,000 Golden Olympic Cocktail

To celebrate the Olympics a famous London nightclub has launched a 3,000 cocktail.

Chinawhites which is known for it's lavish surrounding, high quality drinks and VIP clientele has created a special golden cocktail which includes Hennessy Paradis Imperial cognac, Luxor 24-carat gold leaf Champagne, plus a set of handmade 18-carat gold rings placed in the bottom of the glass.

The nightclub have also invited down all of the Olympic athletes to visit during the games - all they have to do to gain admission to the club is show their Olympic Accreditation.

And even though the drink costs so much the club have given some away, explained the club's manager James Spallone, "The athletes have been preparing for this for years, so it is great for us to provide them with a place where they can let their hair down and enjoy themselves.

"We make sure they have a great time and have some special memories of London to take home. The golden cocktail is our special creation, and we have given some away. Every night we have a presentation for the gold medalists, and it has been very well received."


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