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Spicy Gummy Sweets Infused With Chilli

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Spicy Gummy Sweets Infused With Chilli

If you just absolutely love spice you’re going to love the opportunity to replace your gummy snacks with these spicy gummy peppers that are apparently as spicy as the real thing.

They come in three different flavours: Jalapeño, Ghost Pepper and Habanero with each one spiced differently - the company behind the product say the sweets are each infused with the actual pepper they represent.

Each one is paired with another flavour, green apple with jalapeño, orange and habanero, cherry and ghost pepper - with company promising much more heat than sweet.

They cost $10 for a pack of three and can be ordered online at Vat19 - you can also check the heat of each chill using this infographic that breaks down the Scovvile unit of heat measurement.

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