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6 Chilli Recipes With a Kick

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6 Chilli Recipes With a Kick

'Some like it hot' and if you're one of them we have just the selection of chilli recipes for you.

Whether you've got a glut of fresh chillies, powdered or dried, there are a number of ways to cook with this fiery spice depending on the intensity of heat you want to achieve. Remember go easy to begin with, as you can always add more.

Chilli peppers are one of the world's most beloved spices and there is always more to learn about chilli from the different varieties to where they come from.

We have a number of chilli recipes to choose from that'll spice up your home menu, from a killer chilli jam and soup to warming chilli con carne and a firey Indian inspired curry recipe.

And remember, if you turn up the chilli too much and your dish is too hot to handle there are a number of ways to fix food that's got too spicy.


Chilli Jam

If you have an excess of fresh chillies and not sure what to do with them, why not turn them into a jam? It's extremely easy to do and a fantastic condiment to have on hand for grills and cheeses, or just when you need to turn up the heat.



Mexican inspired chilli con carne is a classic favourite that can come with as big a chilli kick as you can manage.

Banana Chili Soup

If you love soups try this unusual combination of banana and fresh chilli cooked in coconut milk amongst other ingredients.

Chicken Chilli

Spice up your chicken in this tasty dish perfect for a weeknight. 

Indian Pork Curry with raisins

If you love curries don't miss out on this fiery recipe for this Indian inspired sweet and sour pork.

Thai Shrimp Rolls

These deep fried Thai shrimp rolls come with a chilli delicious chilli warmth wrapped up in wonton pastry.

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