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An Easy Chicken Ramen Recipe Perfect For Beginners

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An Easy Chicken Ramen Recipe Perfect For Beginners
Photo Japanese Cooking 101

What’s the secret to a great chicken ramen recipe? It’s all about the right ratio of homemade broth, luscious noodles and chicken. Of course, one mustn’t overlook the add ins like fresh scallions, bean sprouts and even a beautiful soft boiled egg.

There are many variations of chicken ramen - some are heavy on meat, others contain just a touch of vegetables and others omit the egg altogether. The beauty of this popular Japanese dish is that it can be customized to your liking. 

If you are new to making  ramen we suggest you begin with this easy chicken ramen recipe that can easily be dressed up with your favorite add ins.

Easy Chicken Ramen Recipe for Beginners

To make chicken ramen you'll begin by making a broth. This will be the heart and soul of the recipe. Once the broth has deepened in flavor and the meat is perfectly tender it's time to assemble the soup by adding noodles (in this case Chinese-style noodles called chukamen) and your favorite toppings.

Follow these tips from Japanese Cooking 101 and you’ll be well on your way to making a delightful chicken ramen that is flavorful and comforting. The recipe does not call for an egg, as it is for beginners, but you are welcome to add it to the soup.

Watch the how-to video then swing by here to check out the full chicken ramen recipe.

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