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What is Chicken Bog?

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What is Chicken Bog?
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What is chicken bog? How do you make it? If you are unfamiliar with this Southern dish then you are in for a treat! This comforting rice dish is legendary in South Carolina and is easy to make and perfect for feeding a large crowd.

What is chicken bog?

Chicken bog is a chicken and rice dish popular in the American South, particular in South Carolina, a state long known for its rice production (which dates back to the 1700s). It contains sausage and broth and its texture is very similar to Italian risotto although it is not served al dente.

According to Discover South Carolina, chicken bog is particularly popular in Horry County, which is home to the state's famous Myrtle Beach. Since 1979, the dish even has been honored with an annual festival in the town of Loris. 

Ingredients in Chicken Bog

There are many different ways to make chicken bog but purists agree that its very essence is composed of rice, chicken and sausage. Some cooks like to add onions, spices and vegetables.

How To Make Chicken Bog

Traditionally, a whole chicken is cooked in a pot with water and onions until it is tender. The skin and bones are removed and the chicken is shredded. Then the magic happens: rice and sausage are added to the pot and cooked until all the broth is absorbed. The result is a dish of porridge consistency that is excellent served with a side of greens.

This poetic video from Discover South Carolina features an easy chicken bog recipe that is perfect for feeding a large crowd. It is enhanced with herbs like thyme and basil and given a little oomph courtesy of Italian seasonings.

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