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WATCH: Chef Turns Food Scraps Into Amazing Dishes

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WATCH: Chef Turns Food Scraps Into Amazing Dishes
Photo Screen capture via Youtube

You know those odds and ends you end up with after cooking?  Well, you may want to think twice about throwing them out after watching this video of New York City chef Mads Refslund turning food scraps into stellar dishes.

In this enlightening video from Zagat Refslund, who mans the Nordic-themed restaurant Acme, illustrates his philosophy of nose-to-tail cooking using everything from corn husks and salmon skin to cucumber scraps.

"I think it's important to use everything on the animal, or the fruit or the vegetable. I believe we should not throw so many things away, " says Refslund, while explaining that chefs have a responsibility of teaching cooks how to be less wasteful.

Take a look at his mouthwatering dishes made from food scraps:

Via Zagat

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