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Gualtiero Marchesi: 9 Dishes from the Italian Master

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Gualtiero Marchesi: 9 Dishes from the Italian Master
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Many consider Gualtiero Marchesi to be 'the Master' of Italian cuisine. The octagenarian elevated local cuisine to new heights and trained some of the greatest Italian chefs, including Carlo Cracco and Andrea Berton.

Born in 1930 in Milan, Marchesi was dedicated to the kitchen from an early age. During the 1960s he explored the avant garde, and then, at the end of the '70s, he opened his first Milanese restaurant, applying all he had learnt to the cuisine of his home town and the surrounding region. It immediately gained a Michelin star, and a third in 1985, but he returned them in 2008 in protest at the voting system.

Meanwhile he drew critical and audience acclaim for his philosophy and his dishes, which today still demonstrate the importance of simplicity and quality produce in Italian cuisine.

Gualtiero Marchesi: 9 Famous Dishes

Gualtiero Marchesi's most famous dishes include the gold and Gold and Saffron risotto (top image), which dates back to 1981, and his Open ravioli (below).

Then we have Fish Dripping (2004), a dish inspired by Jackson Pollock and his dripping technique: the background is a light mayonnaise enriched with squid and clams, tomatoes, cuttlefish ink and parsley.


The red and the black: a slightly spicy sauce, but cold, in contrast to the heat of monkfish cooked in squid ink and served lukewarm.



Study in Black (above) and cuttlefish (below).

The Four pasta (here below)


Pear cooked in red wine with custard and sugar work

Milanese costoletta (veal in breadcrumbs).


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