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51 Cheeses From Around the World

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51 Cheeses From Around the World

If your world revolves around cheese, you probably know your curds from your whey, and follow your nose when it comes to selecting your local favourites.

But how does your knowledge stack up when you're on the hunt for traditional cheese from other countries?

This globe trotting infographic for cheese fans from Avas Flowers will help you circumnavigate the world with your favourite food with a whopping 51 cheeses worldwide to choose from. 

Whilst Italy's well known cheeses may need little introduction, how about Japan's creamy Sakura flavoured with mountain cherry leaves, or the celebrative Yak's milk cheese from Mongolia?

Have a look and see how far your cheese knowledge extends, and you never know you may even identify the next cheese for your tasting list:

Cheese Please! 51 Tasty Cheeses From Around the Globe - - Infographic

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