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4 Ways To Cook Chanterelle Mushrooms

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4 Ways To Cook Chanterelle Mushrooms
Photo Randihausken/Flickr

Fleshy, exotic and mildly peppery, chanterelle mushrooms are an exquisite addition to any meal. They are regarded as one of nature's finest delicacies so you'll want to make the most of them in the kitchen. Here are some creative ways of incorporating chanterelle mushrooms into gourmet meals:

Langoustine, Chicken and Chanterelles 

Chanterelles are paired with langoustine and chicken wings in this gourmet recipe from South African chef Peter John Vadas.

Sous Vide Pickled Chanterelles

Here's an easy way to pickle chanterelles using the sous vide method, champagne vinegar and tarragon.

Roast Potatoes with Chanterelles

This classic pairing of potatoes and chanterelle mushrooms makes a great companion to a succulent roast.

Bruschetta with Pigeon and Chanterelles

A creative recipe from British chef Theo Randall with marsala-infused pigeon, bruschetta and chanterelles.

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