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The Essential Champagne and Sparkling Wine Infographic

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The Essential Champagne and Sparkling Wine Infographic
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Here's a great, detailed infographic from, which pretty much covers all the essentials of Champagne and sparkling wine: how they're made, including the carbonisation process, the difference between vintage and non-vintage and how to open a bottle correctly. Whether celebrating, toasting the new year or simply quaffing on some bubbles, because ... well just because, this is a handy guide to all things fizz. Did you know for example that Champagne and sparkling wine is bottled at almost double the pressure of a car tyre, or that there are three different methods of carbonisation?

You'll find plenty more about Champagne and sparkling wines on the site, including 20 Champagne cocktail recipes (find out how to make a classic Champagne cocktail in the video further down) and another infographic that will help you to pick the right sparkling wine from the dizzying array available. Enjoy the essential Champagne and sparkling wine infographic below and get popping!

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The Ultimate Visual Guide to Champagne and Sparkling Wine
From Visually.


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