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Like This Cereal Bowl Cake? Here's How To Make It

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Like This Cereal Bowl Cake? Here's How To Make It
Photo Jeff Mindell via Studio DIY

If you grew up eating cereal for breakfast then you will fall head over heels for this spectacular cereal bowl cake.

Although it looks like something pastry chef Christina Tosi would serve at Momofuku Milk Bar, this mouthwatering cereal bowl cake is the work of the fine ladies at Studio DIY.

The coolest thing about this cake is that it don't just look like cereal it tastes like it too. Making it isn't as complicated as you think - all that is required are basic cake ingredients, icing and your favorite cereal. Of course, the real skill is in using a knife to sculpt the ''bowl'' out of a cake. But it sure looks like a look of fun.

The original recipe calls for Froot Loops but we bet Captain Crunch would be killer on this cereal bowl cake.

photos by Jeff Mindell via Studio DIY

Here is the complete how-to and if you are really into baking you can also try your hand at making a human heart cake and our gourmet cake recipes.

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