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Caviar Powder a new kind of Seasoning

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Caviar Powder a new kind of Seasoning

A food company has launched a new product called dry caviar, allowing people to sprinkle caviar seasoning on top of dishes, much like you would with black pepper.

Caviar is creamy, salty and delicious. There's nothing quite like that fresh pop of fresh fish eggs but it is a delicacy and it's not eaten all the time. That's why Petrossian, a gourmet food gift producer, has made this dry version.

The dried eggs last up to six months in the fridge and the labeling points out that what's in the bottle is 100% caviar. The company suggests sprinkling it on eggs, potato, pasta, seafood, and more but at $88 for 28 grams we don't expect it to replace the salt  on many tables.

Even though the picture suggests a range of flavors it seems from Petrossian's website that the company has just developed one flavor at the moment.

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