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4 Sweet and Savoury Ways to Cook with Cashew Nuts

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4 Sweet and Savoury Ways to Cook with Cashew Nuts

The beloved delicately sweet flavoured crescent nut is commonly found as a bar snack but have you ever tried cooking with them in sweet and savoury cashew recipes?

Commonly found in Asian cookery cashews are perfect to add crunch to stir fry dishes or curries and compliment meats like chicken, pork. In sweet cooking the buttery delicate texture lends itself perfectly to vegan dishes as a dairy alternative.

So whether you choose to throw cashews into stir frys, bake them into cakes or simply enjoy them in their unadorned glory here are a selection for cashew recipes that will inspire you next time you're wondering what to do with those left overs in the packet.


Cashew nuts add extra crunch and interest to this chicken stir fry with soy sauce and basmati rice.

Vegan Cashew Cheesecake

Looking for new vegan dessert ideas? Try this vegan cashew cheesecake with the topping set on a base of medjool dates and almonds.

Chocolate Bark

What could be better than covering your cashews in chocolate? Try this delicious dessert recipe for chocolate bark from Heather Scholten, author of Farmgirl Gourmet food blog.

Chicken on rice recipe with red peppers

Looking for an easy and complete dinner idea? Try throwing some cashews into this chicken dish with red bell peppers.

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