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10 Candy and Beer Pairings for Halloween (Infographic)

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10 Candy and Beer Pairings for Halloween (Infographic)

Oh, the joys of trick or treating. Massive amounts of Halloween candy that can last for months (if your sweet tooth is easy to manage). But what’s the fun of eating all that candy if you have nothing to pair it with? Enter this nifty infographic of candy and beer pairings. Because…what goes better with candy than a brew?

This infographic from The Kitchn pairs 10 popular Halloween treats - everything from candy corn and peanut butter cups to chocolate bars and creamy candy eggs - with 10 different beers categorized from light to dark.

At the top of the beer spectrum you’ll find creme ale which, according to the folks at The Kitchn, pairs well with candy corn due to its low hop content. At the bottom of the chart we find oatmeal stout which apparently is heavenly when paired with candy bars with a fully chocolate filling.  Personally, we are looking forward to pairing peanut butter cups with a malty Oktoberfest beer, as the chart suggests.

Take a look below to see the best candy and beer pairings then head on over to The Kitchn for the full lowdown on why each pairing works and why it's worth a try. 

Via The Kitchn

Still thirsty? Kick up your Halloween bash by whipping up glow-in-the-dark gin and tonic jelly shots - they are a nice alternative to beer and deliver a big impact.

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