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Canary Melon: The Aromatic Choice for Summer

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Canary Melon: The Aromatic Choice for Summer

Come summer time the refreshing flesh of ripe and juciy melon comes into its own. But with so many varieties of melon out there, aside from passing the melon test and settling for the tried and tested watermelon or canteloupe, have you tried the fragrant and versatile Canary Melon?

What is Canary Melon?

With its signature bright yellow rind and rugby ball shape, canary melons are easy to identify. Slice into into the waxy rind and you'll find a pale green sweet flesh that's firm and almost crisp with a little more tang than a honeydew.  

It's commonly grown in the USA and South America.

How to Cook with Canary Melon?

Thanks to the mellow sweetness and light tartness of the canary melon it's ideal for mixing into sweet both and savoury dishes.

Ideal for pairing with citrus, ginger, honey or spices like vanilla, star anise, cloves, cardamon or even herbs like basil, mint and cilantro and hot chillies or nuts.

Try throwing it into cold soups or salads or blending the melon for granitas, sorbets and popsicles or even making it into a jam to supplement your desserts.

For a refreshing summer drink you can even try making a summer punch of white wine with canary melon and a lemon kick:

Melon Punch with Lemon Balm

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