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7 Classic Canadian Christmas Dishes

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7 Classic Canadian Christmas Dishes

Canadian Christmas dishes are a delicious representation of the expansive terroir of the country and its diverse population.

Some Canadian Christmas dishes have been passed down for generations while other holiday dishes evolved from local traditions and available ingredients. Let's take a look now at seven classic Canadian Christmas dishes and what makes them so special.

7 Canadian Christmas Dishes


This French-Canadian Christmas dish hails from the province of Quebec. It is a double-crusted meat pie often made from a blend of meats - often minced beef, veal and pork. Usually accompanied by a relish.

Try this recipe.

Mulled Drinks

Locals combat chilly temperatures with an array of mulled drinks including apple cider and mulled wine.

Nanaimo bars

These decadent bars get their name from their town of origin: Nanaimo, British Columbia. They feature a creamy vanilla center sandwiched between two layers of chocolatey goodness. Try this recipe for Nanaimo bars.


As a Canuck, one of my favorite bars are these decadent no-bake Nanaimo bars! 🇨🇦 A crunchy walnut and coconut base, creamy vanilla center, and rich chocolate topping all blend their voices to make a rich symphony of chocolatey goodness!!! 🍫🍫🍫 Even if you're not a Canuck, you need to make these indulgent bars this Christmas season!! 😋 get the recipe in my bio link. . Follow @savortheflavourblog for more Christmas baking ideas and food photos. . . #foodbloggerpro @pinchofyum #foodgawker #foodblogfeed @foodblogfeed #feedfeed @thefeedfeed.baking #thebakefeed #huffposttaste #thechalkboardeats #food52 #f52grams #imsomartha #pinchofyum #bbcgoodfood #rockrecipes #foodiesofig #eeeeeats #eatingfortheinsta #nanaimo #nanaimobars #coconut #chocolate #vanilla #vanillabuttercream #grahamcrackers #canadian #canadianfood #merrychristmas #happychristmas #christmascookies #igeats #foodofinstagram

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Butter Tarts

This legendary Canadian dessert features a flaky pastry filled with butter, syrup, sugar and eggs. Butter tarts can also contain raisins or nuts. Try this recipe for butter tarts.


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Brussels Sprouts

This hearty green vegetable can withstand Canadian winters and is a common side dish during Christmas dinner festivities. 

Try this tasty recipe for Brussels sprouts with chestnuts.

Mashed Potatoes

Buttery mashed potatoes are a must at a Canadian Christmas table.  You can add a twist by making cheesy mashed potatoes.

Bûche de Noël

Another classic Canadian Christmas dish is the yule log (Bûche de Noël). This festive dessert is especially popular in Quebec.

Bring down the house with this recipe for a chocolate yule log.

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